The Telecommunications Workgroup is currently reaching out to various service providers to acquire insights and exemplary approaches regarding community-owned fiber systems. We’re also collaborating with local legislators and elected officials to provide guidance on implementing recommendations from our comprehensive report that can improve both major and minor telecommunication providers and benefit the general public. Ultimately, our objective is to ensure that the public has dependable and robust access to cutting-edge telecommunication services and community-owned fiber.

Community-owned fiber systems can provide a number of benefits over traditional, commercially-owned telecommunications infrastructure. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Increased competition: Community-owned fiber systems can increase competition in the telecommunications market, which can lead to lower prices and better services for consumers.
  2. Greater control: Communities that own their own fiber networks have greater control over the services they provide and how those services are delivered. This can allow for more innovative service offerings and more flexible pricing models.
  3. Better service: Community-owned fiber networks are often faster and more reliable than traditional networks, since they are built with the specific needs of the community in mind. This can lead to better internet speeds, improved connectivity, and fewer service outages.
  4. Economic development: By providing high-speed internet access to businesses and residents, community-owned fiber systems can help to spur economic development and attract new businesses and industries to an area.
  5. Public ownership: Community-owned fiber networks are owned by the public, rather than by a private company. This can help to ensure that the network is operated in the best interests of the community, rather than for the profit of a private company.

Overall, community-owned fiber systems can help to ensure that all members of a community have access to high-quality, reliable internet services, which is increasingly important for education, work, and daily life.

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