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California Fast Tracks The Middle Mile Inititive

California originally intended on building out the middle mile initiative in phases that would take until 2026 to complete. This approach would probably have extended well beyond 2026 for completion, making the project ineligible for federal funds. Internet service providers have historically taken decades to establish similar networks. Instead, California has decided to tackle the […]

Request for Innovative Ideas (RFI²)

November 30, 2023 – CDT had released a Request for Innovative Ideas (RFI²) the new RFI² solicitation includes all remaining MMBI network miles. The greatest focus is on the approximately 650 miles remaining from the existing 10,000-mile map that are not currently contemplated in any existing construction, lease, or purchase contracts or master agreements. CDT […]

Detailed Middle-Mile Broadband Network Map

(from MMBI Website) September 15, 2023 – The more than 10,000-mile Middle Mile Broadband network has been developed in partnership with communities across the state. The network map has been updated to depict how the middle-mile network will unfold to reach all corners of the state. It creates faster access to the Internet by building a statewide […]