California Fast Tracks The Middle Mile Inititive

California originally intended on building out the middle mile initiative in phases that would take until 2026 to complete. This approach would probably have extended well beyond 2026 for completion, making the project ineligible for federal funds. Internet service providers have historically taken decades to establish similar networks. Instead, California has decided to tackle the implementation of 10,101 miles of publicly available fiber optic “back-bone” of the system by using 4 different methods;

1) Constructing 3,501 miles of their own fiber infrastructure.

2) Leasing 4,699 miles of fiber infrastructure that is not currently being used by other private companies.

3) Purchasing 474 miles currently unused optic strands from private companies

4) Working with private companies who might already be building infrastructure and working together to install 3,501 miles of fiber optic cable.

as of Oct 20, 2023

Click here to open the interactive Statewide Middle-Mile Network Map

While the new project approach should dramatic reduce the fiber installation time, the State of California still estimates that it will take and is required by the U.S. Treasury to complete all projects by December 2026.

As you can see in the map above, the Coastside connection is new construction, meaning this can take quite some time to install. Even with government fast track programs in place there are still about 14 agencies that would have to approve the project area.

The construction for the Coastside will span from the cross section of Highway 1 and Linda Mar Blvd. in Pacifica south to the cross section of Highway one and Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay then run east to the cross section of highway 92 and El Camino Real (where a large portion of the Bay Area fiber optic infrastructure runs from north to south).

You can see this path highlighted in the map below.

For more information head over to the Middle Mile Website.

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